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Athens Ohio Roller Derby, and our all star team the Appalachian Hell Betties, was founded in October 2010 by Jessica Beckford “Madam Kracka Le Whipski” and 12 of her comrades who wanted to bring a sport to southeastern Ohio that didn’t yet exist here. Our first home game was played on June 23, 2012 at Bird Arena in Athens, Ohio. With over 900 fans in attendance and no air conditioning, we offered up a victory against Glass City Rollers of Toledo, Ohio.

After more than 4 years skating away from home we were thrilled to bring live roller derby back to Athens, Ohio, in 2017! Thanks to the ongoing efforts of both members of the league and our community, since then we have hosted 2 other home games that included doubleheaders and/or inter-league scrimmages.

This 2019 season represents our 9th year of skating together and serving our community as a non-profit organization, proudly partnering with other local non-profit organizations who share our values. We have had many people come to skate with us since that first practice in 2010, and even though many have come and gone, our organization continues to grow and flourish as we welcome new members every year.

Today we are happy to announce the addition of a second team to the Athens Ohio Roller Derby league: The Black Diamond Betties. The Black Diamond Betties team will join the Appalachian Hell Betties as Athens’s second homegrown roller derby team. This team will allow the league to grow & meet the increased demand for participation we’ve seen over the last two years. The Appalachian Hell Betties AND the Black Diamond Betties are scheduled to play in a doubleheader this October!

We are proud of our home town, and are so grateful to our community and skaters! Hell Yeah, Hell Betties!