When we’re in season, you can join us at practice on Sundays 5-7 pm or Tuesdays 6-8 pm at Dows Rollarena in Nelsonville. Please reach out to us via the contact link above or through social media to ensure we have practice when you plan on joining us.

We do actively recruit and train new skaters every year. So, if you would like to join during a time with more focus on you, those times are best. But, if you are a self-starter who is interested in diving in and doing some of your own self-study, feel free to join us throughout the season.

Note: there is a $4 admission fee on Sundays only. Skate rental is $2. We have gear you can borrow but you will be required to have a fitted mouth guard. You can find one at Dunham’s or Walmart.

Bring a water bottle and wear workout clothes. You might just be surprised at what level you are at -- and won’t be zero when you leave!!

Hope to see you soon and don’t hesitate to ask any questions!


YES PLEASE! We need lots of help throughout the year in various roles. The main time of the year that we seek volunteers is around the time of our home bouts. Ask to join the Athens Ohio Roller Derby Volunteer Facebook page to get all of the updates on current volunteer needs.

How do i become a referee Or NSO (Non Skating Official)?

Being a referee or NSO is extremely rewarding! The sport wouldn’t be possible without folks filling roles like these. Any person is welcome to be a referee or NSO (non skating official). If you’re interested in this aspect of the sport, reach out on our website’s contact page and we’ll set something up.

How do i become a sponsor?

Athens Ohio Roller Derby is grateful for sponsorships from our community. Our league relies on member dues and sponsorships to run the league and put on home events. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please reach out to us for sponsorship levels and incentives.

am i able to donate to athens ohio roller derby?

Absolutely! Like we’ve said before, our league relies on member dues and sponsorships to run the league and put on home events. If you support our mission and are passionate about investing in Athens Ohio Roller Derby, we would love to have your sponsorship! Checks can be mailed to PO Box 2269 Athens, Ohio 45701 or you can donate via PayPal at treasurer@aord.org

Any other questions?

If the current questions above still don’t answer what you are looking for please click the contact button at the top right of our website. It will give you the opportunity to email us so you can ask further questions. We’d love to hear from you!