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What Athens Ohio Roller Derby Is All About 


Athens Ohio Roller Derby (AORD) is a skater owned and operated organization comprised of women from Athens, Ohio and the surrounding region in the form of an amateur roller derby league following the rules and ethics set forth by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

We are a grassroots organization built by the hands of women who have and will continue to inspire the love of roller derby to their community. AORD is committed to fostering the empowerment of women of all races, colors, national origins, sexual orientation, ages, religious beliefs, and body types by providing positive athletic role models and examples of healthy and tasteful exhibitions of the dichotomy of sexuality and athleticism that that women’s roller derby can entail.

We would like to instill a sense of community, sisterhood, loyalty, hard work, and competitiveness among the skaters and throughout the organization as well as a sense of family among the organization as a whole.

AORD supports the advancement of the sport of roller derby worldwide by providing the skills training necessary for participation in inter-league competition at the local, state, and national levels.

AORD could not play the sport we love without community support, and because of this we will show our appreciation with charitable contributions of money, food donation, and volunteer labor to organizations whose missions we feel match our own. AORD will also endeavor to give a percentage of net profits back to the community through financial contributions to charities and other not for profit organizations.

AORD will work to be a fully sponsored and financially sound non-profit organization in order to create its own practice and bout space. When funding allows AORD hopes to also provide for travel, uniforms, helmets, and leased equipment for AORD league members.

The long-term goal of AORD is to achieve WFTDA certification.

AORD operates via a democratically elected board of directors.


Appalachian Hell Betties

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Black Diamond Betties

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