Bringing Roller Derby Back to Athens, Ohio!

Athens Ohio Roller Derby and their all-star Appalachian Hell Betties is a grassroots, member owned and operated roller derby league founded in 2011. We are one of the few sports teams that can proudly call Athens, Ohio our home base. We are asking our community to help us raise $3,000 of our total $5,000 goal to purchase a portable track surface to bring roller derby back to Athens, Ohio.

If you ask anyone who has joined a derby league around the world, you will hear stories about how the sport of roller derby has changed lives as an empowering platform for embracing identity, confidence, and building community.

Over the previous two decades, modern roller derby has evolved as a sport dedicated to supporting women’s athletics as a means of self-discovery and self-acceptance. Women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, cultures, ages, and abilities, continue to find belonging in roller derby leagues across the world, and right here in Athens, Ohio. Athens Ohio Roller Derby is whole-heartedly dedicated to assisting our members in unlocking their personal potential.

Since our humble beginnings in 2011, Athens Ohio Roller Derby has grown considerably. We now boast 44 community members who belong to our league! One of the largest contributors to our expanse in membership, volunteers, and fans, has been the ability to host other teams locally at roller derby matches in our home town of Athens, Ohio. Unfortunately, our ability to host home games dissolved when OU’s Bird Arena fell into disrepair. However, we have been diligently working towards a remedy and we are reaching out for your financial support to assist us in bringing live roller derby back to the city of Athens, Ohio.

Reaching our goal of $3,000 will provide us with the funds to acquire the necessary roller derby track surface that is required for us to host other teams at the Athens Ohio Community Center. Your donation is vitally important to securing the future of live roller derby in Athens, Ohio. We can’t wait to see you track-side!