Open Recruitment

Every Sunday 4:45 to 7pm – ongoing until further notice. We are looking to train new recruits that are interested in becoming Rollergirls, Referees, or Non-Skating Officials. No experience necessary, we train all skill levels! However, prior rollerskating/rollerblading and team sports experience is helpful.


Join us at Dow’s Rollarena, 15329 Elm Rock Road, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764 (740)-753-3706
Admission $4, Skate Rental $2

For questions or to request more info, please contact us at

What to Wear

Comfortable workout clothes like, tshirt or tank top, shorts or sweats. Leggings/tights are recommended either alone or under shorts. Socks!

What to Bring

Money for admission and skate rental
Old knee socks with the feet cut out to wear underneath the elbow and knee pads to provide a protective layer between your skin and the loaner equipment
A sports mouthguard, available at WalMart, Dunhman’s, etc