Become a Skater!

Interested in becoming a skater for Athens Ohio Roller Derby?

Open recruitment is taking place every Sunday 4:45 to 7pm until further notice. Please read more about when, where, and what you will need to bring!


  • 1st month free to new recruits!
    Monthly dues are $20
  • Insurance – Further along in your training, when it comes time to add you to a bout or scrimmage roster, you must purchase USARS group accident insurance handled through the league. It runs about $50 to $60.


Skate rental is available at Dow’s for $1 and we have team safety gear you can borrow at practices or rent on a quarterly basis. Eventually you will want to purchase your own skates and gear so you can participate at our outdoor practices, and our twice a week practices at Bird arena. A beginner skate package can start as low as $120. It is suggested that you get the best setup that you can afford. A $350 beginner skate and equipment package is reasonable for gear that might last 2 or 3 seasons. Prices go up from there.

Time Commitment

We practice 3 times per week.
5-7pm Sunday at Dow’s Rollarena
6-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at Bird Arena
(We are currently practicing an extra hour until 9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays).
In August, our season ends and our Tuesday and Thursday practices move to Dow’s until Bird is available again in May.


Once you decide derby is for you, a 50% attendance requirement will keep you in good standing with the league.
If you would like to skate in bouts and scrimmages, you must maintain a 66% attendance average.
There is also a small commitment of 4 hours volunteer service to the team per month.


  • Health and accident insurance is your own responsibility. It is highly recommended!
  • USARS (USA Roller Sports) insurance is required to attend bouts and scrimmages outside of practices. The cost is less than $60 per year.